About EMSI

Electron Microscope Society of India was inaugurated on 2nd December 1961 at Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata. The first meeting of EMSI was held on December 2-3, 1961 with the foundation membership of 50 members where Dr. N. N. Dasgupta was elected as the first President of the Society. The society was formally registered at Calcutta in 1962. The foundation membership of the society consisted of about 50 members engaged in electron microscopy work in about 15 laboratories in India. Since then the society has constantly grown and currently has nearly 2000 life members.

The society is one of its kind having members, who are engaged in electron microscopy related work from vastly different disciplines like Agriculture, Biological Science, Forensics, Geology, Material Science, Medical Science, Metallurgical Science etc. The society is affiliated to The International Federation of Societies for Microscopy.

Following the tradition, the society has been conducting Annual Meetings regularly, the latest being in Delhi during February 8-10, 2023. The next International Conference on Microscopy and Annual Meeting of EMSI (EMSI 2024) is planned to be held in Mumbai, during May 16-18, 2024. EMSI 2024 includes a wide range of topics in microscopy related to materials sciences across fundamental and applied aspects (physical, chemical and life sciences), engineering aspects, medicine (anatomy, dentistry, pathology, etc), nanoscience and nanotechnology. For more details, please visit www.emsi.org.in.